the reason I hate blogging is :
 It seems I can never think of a topic to blog about.
And if I do think of one, I have to be sure I document
everything, being sure to give every source proper credit.
So I spend most of the time I have to blog getting bogged down
in the credits and footnotes. But I'm sure no one else faces
the same issues.
    I'm a believer in Christ. I would love to blog about The
Christian experience, however I come right back to the same 
issues like proper credit given to sources. Oh yes, and don't
forget about proper grammar.
   There was a time when I thought I was somewhat an authority
in English Grammar. Hah! boy was I wrong! I started applying for 
writing jobs and quite well on pronouns, adjectives and verbs, 
adverbs and participles. But what the heck is an antecedent?
I have never heard of a dangling participle or an verbal. What's 
up with noun/ verb agreement? Of course they agree, otherwise you'd
see more than just a participle dangling. Where I am from, if two
people can't agree, they might get into a fist fight. I can just 
see a noun and a verb fighting with each other: ink flying everywhere
and letters getting abused. You know that's got to be where cursing
came from, after a noun/verb disagreement took place there'd be all 
all kinds of ugly!!! 
I guess that"s all for now. I've bore you all enoughfor one post.
I'll be back later with some more BS for everyone to sort through.
Peace out, Adios. ( I'm not even sure that's the way to end a blog 

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